Mac: kallista vai ei

Applen koneita pidetään kalliina ja tyylikkäinä. Tyylikkäitä laitteet ovatkin, jo tuotepakkauksesta lähtien aivain eri tasolla kuin ATK-kaupasta ostettavat PC-koneet. Mutta kalliudesta voi olla montaa mieltä. OS Newsin jutussa on pohdittu miten tuotteen hinta on suhteellista ja käsitellen Macceja. ” Whether something is expensive or not is a completely subjective matter, influenced by many, many variables.”

”Any added costs there might be in a Mac over a standard x86 are completely justified by my personal opinion about the superiority of the machine over the x86. Just like the musician and his instruments. So, if we have someone who finds looks unimportant, does not care about architectures, and is happy with using either Windows or Linux– than that person has no personal justification of spending the extra cash for a Mac.”

Tyhjentävä artikkeli tulee ilmiselviin johtopäätöksiin:
”I hope all of you now understand that something’s expensiveness or cheapness is not a fact. It’s a personal opinion, influenced by many variables, but especially the ones I mentioned in this article. This story was about the Mac, but you could basically substitute it with any other item. ”

”So, from now on, when you are participating in an online forum, or our comment’s section, think about how personal the perception of price is. It is not set in stone. It is not a fact. ”

Todella tyhjentävästi asia ilmaistaan sanomalla: ”It all ’depends’.”







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