Koukussa tylsyyteen

Yksityisetsivä -nimisessä blogissa oli mielenkiintoinen merkintä tylsyydestä ja kuinka siihen voi jäädä ”koukkuun” kuten huumeisiin.

Addicted to boredom:
”The increased levels of dopamine enabled humanity to function efficiently as farmers, but this came at a cost. High levels of dopamine significantly impairs the minds ability to think creatively. Worse yet, the dopamine is highly addictive. Recent research shows that almost by definition, addictive drugs are ones that raise dopamine levels. This explains why people object so strongly to having their routine distrurbed. It triggers exactly the same resentment that you observe in junkies when they are denied their fix.” Introduction to Monster Zero

Ylläolevan ”Introduction to Monster Zero” -linkin takana oleva artikkeli laittaa ajattelemaan, en olekaan miettinyt päivärutiineja tuolta kannalta.

”We are all taught to get into a routine very early in life. We have to go to school, sit quietly in class, listen to the teacher, perform the exercises, do our homework, etc etc. This is when we get into the habit of habits. The trouble is, this predictable repetitive lifestyle is not something the human brain was originally designed for. ”

”People who work in these places tend to get stuck into a spiral of ever increasing paperwork and procedure. Everybody knows this. Government burocracies are a very good example. Common sense is thrown out the window. Procedures are only ever added, never removed. Organisations become extraordinarily resistent to change or reform. This no longer seems surprising. Anybody who tries to eliminate the procedures or introduce novel ideas is met with the resentment you would expect from an addict being denied his fix. That’s exactly what’s happening.”








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